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About Coach Jeanna...

  • Radio host and producer of Ladies Let's Talk with Coach Jeanna radio show 5 years
  • Author of Look and Feel Fabulous Now, Step Into Your Vision 2.0 and I Have Permission
  • Speaker and Coach.
  • Athlete - Health-Conscious individual

Focus and having Fun is a huge passion of mine and like mentioned in the video I get more excited when others get what they want. It really is a team collective effort.

Yes, I realize I usually coach women however, this is a fun team thing for us all to jump in on at the end of the year. Everyone should participate because we all have goals and we all procrastinate. Right?

This is for anyone willing and able. Men and women young and old. This is a movement to come together in a positive space. Help, encourage one another. No room or time for negativity.

As mentioned in the video when I was designing this idea JAM2017, I included some of my favorite things that I enjoy when working with my coaches. Yes, coaches have coaches.

1. Having access to my coach - lunch
2. Learning and encouraging in a group setting - iron sharpens iron 
- we have a private facebook group page.
3. Philanthropy. Collectively we have a goal and will give back.
4. Being acknowledged.
5. Having deadlines. We all know how much time we have by the end of the year.
6. Receive a cool silicone team wristband/bracelet #JAM2017
7. Bonus incentives 

~All included. 

This is all about you. You reaching your goal, dream, desire, getting started or finishing. Let's do it together. Once you have filled out the small form there on the left side on this page click submit. Go to your email and look for a message from me. In there is another little video, click on it.  It will explain more about JAM2017 and explain how simple it is to register in just a few easy steps. Then bam! You're in right away with your goals form link and access to our JAM2017 group. 

There is a Money Back Guarantee if you are reluctant at first. 

What excuse would you like to use besides the, "I don't really want to right now excuse"...which is totally up to you...but don't you want to be apart of JAM? I know me personally, I get way more done when there is activity, group participation and fun positive energy. I am so proud of myself. I sometimes share my wins with others. I sometimes share my pitfalls with others but at least I am moving and not wallowing...woulda coulda blues... ha!  You Totally Got This! Tell your friends. Send them the link.

There are no hidden agenda. No gimmicks. Just wanting us all to have fun, happy, goal oriented, helping each other. I am sure someone in the group will offer a suggestion or two for something you have been delaying because lack of drive or know how...the power of US!

We officially start in November get in as soon as you can. We start strong and finish strong. Our momentum is going to be unstoppable. Together!