About "CJ" Coach Jeanna
Jeanna Brown is fun, reliable and outgoing. She wants people to succeed and be happy in life. When she has an opportunity to say a kind word or offer helpful tips she will do so willingly. At the core we all have gifts and have aspirations and talents and we search to best let that out to our most desired peeps (the people who connect with us). Let's talk with more of them.

Jeanna is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, writer, executive producer and radio show host and you may have seen her on television too. She encourages and helps to inspire women entrepreneurs by developing revenue strategies, task management and build confidence in their business and with their clients.  Click on audio link to hear her story.

Jeanna has been coaching, training, mentoring, consulting combined for over 20 years. However, more specifically Development Coaching for the past 10 plus years.

She has a B.A Degree from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. She has trained with top leaders in the industry. 

Jeanna launched her newest book this year, April 2017, I Have Permission - Decide and Move On! available on Amazon. She is the author of click "Look and Feel Fabulous Now." And co- author of "Step Into Your Vision 2.0" along with John Assaraf, Les Brown, Eric Lofholm and other great authors. It made Amazon's #1 Best Sellers List. Stay tuned for more book releases.

As a former athlete she learned a lot from being on a team. Sports taught her important principals like discipline, focus and sacrifice. Her favorite pass time is traveling, writing, performing, going to the beach, visiting with friends and family, playing golf and running 5k & 10K's, working out etc. Who said Tee-Time /Tea Time? Coach Jeanna loves both.

Member of professional groups:

Experience Product Masterclass - Marisa Murgatroyd
NeuroGym - John Asarof
Big Shift Experience - Bill Baren
Eric Lofholm International, sales certified, silver & gold protege
Women Speaker Association
Writing for Print - Long Ridge Writing Group
Les Brown - You've Got To Be Hungry 
Outrageously Effective Systems Process Prodigy
Women Of Influence - Founder (WomenInBiz, WomenInFilm, WomenInEntertainment)
Women and Philanthropy - Member   http://bit.ly/WomenPhil
Painter - Abstract Art 

Look, no one said it would be easy. So keep this thought with you...as long as you keep walking, running, jogging towards your desires you will win! The winning is in lessons learned on your journey. Magic! ~ Jeanna
Coach Jeanna Golfer of the week article in African American's Golf Digest: Click here
September 2011