Preparation * Doing * Preparing * Doing * Repetition * Consistency
90 days - Coaching 

What you GET ... Coach Jeanna to help walk with you
through the process. 

 You need someone who is on your team and on your side.
  • Same old talk not working? Heard it all before? I get it.
  • Want help but not sure who or where? 
  • Maybe you are dealing with past failures or disappointments that are blocking you
  • Here we work on being consistent & prioritize.
  • Stay accountable to yourself and others.
  • Overcoming Obstacles & Distractions
  • Reveal your story - it matters
  • You deserve more - focus on getting more
  • Action Goal setting
  • Develop a positive internal talk track 
  • Have a Coach to support you regularly.
Solve your problem of overwhelm, feeling as if you are alone in business and guide you to make more strategic decisions with desired results. You will be more clear on who your clients are and how to get more. Keeping you focused on a healthy lifestyle in the process. 

Who: Designed for the busy professional who needs results and to focus on priorities.

February 2016

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Bonus: There are always bonuses

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